Forthcoming Events

This section shows Events and News for Ely Art Society. Demonstrations start at 7:30pm and are held at the Methodist Hall, Ely, CB6 1AD. Entry is free for members. Non-members are welcome at a cost of £5.

The 2017 - 2018 Demonstration Programme is now available. To download a pdf copy please click here
If you would like to see what we have done in the past please click here


9th February 2018 - Caroline Furlong


Caroline Explaining Techniques
Caroline is a local artist working mainly with watercolour but her recent works are in mixed media. ...more

9 March 2018 - Demonstration - Mathew Palmer


 Mathew Palmer - Falling Snow
Mathew writes - I began painting at a very young age. Art was always in my blood and it was a subject I always understood. I could see perspective and how buildings all have the same basic structure, and I could see the shadows in a tree. ...more

13 April 2018 - Demonstration - Sue Williams


11 May 2018 - Demonstration - Mike Murtagh


Mike's web site is or for direct link please click here

Friday 8th June - Demonstration - Natasha Day


Natasha Day 1
Natasha has exhibited in Australia and the UK. Currently living in Norwich she is a member of the Norwich Lonely Arts Club and Open Studios. ...more

13 July 2018 - Demonstration - Ernie Butler


Ernie's web site is or for a direct link please click here

August 2018 - Annual Exhibition


Exhibition Entrance Table
More information will be available soon

14 September 2018 - Demonstration - Linda Series


Linda's web site is or for a direct link please click here

12 October 2018 - AGM