Exhibition 2017

Annual Exhibition - 2017
The 2017 Exhibition was very enjoyable and successful.
We are always looking of ways to improve and so if any member has any suggestions for next year, now is a good time to make them.

If you have any thoughts on how our Annual Exhibition can be improved please E Mail Ann Biggs – ann@ann-biggs.com or click here

THE 2017 EXHIBITION IS NOW CLOSED ; but I will leave the information below for now.

If you would like to download a copy of the Society's Framing Guide please click here

A new group, under the leadership of Ann Biggs, has been set up to support the running of the exhibition. This group has had several meetings and is operating well.
The Group Secretary is
Vivien Tweed
12 Orchard Way, Haddenham, CB6 3UT.
Tel: 01353 749931.

If you wish please enclose your CV containing your photo with your entry form or hand it in with your pictures. These will be put in a folder for visitors peruse. If you have done this in previous years please provide an updated one.

Paperwork for the 2017 Annual Exhibition is now available. All apart from the Tie on Labels and the Posters can be down loaded from the web site for you to print yourself. If you prefer, it can be obtained from Demonstration Evenings or by contacting Vivien Tweed. Soon it will also be available in Tindall's Ely.

It will comprise of
  • An Exhibition Schedule which gives all the information you need - to download a copy please click here. It is also shown further down this page.
  • A sheet of Picture Back Labels - to download a copy please Link text here...
  • An Entry Form - to download a copy please Link text here...
  • Tie on Labels for Framed Pictures - you will need a max of 5 of these - can be collected from Demonstration Evenings, Vivien Tweed or Tindall's Ely.
This year the labelling of pictures and cards will be slightly different from previous years. This is all detailed in the Exhibition Schedule and is shown in the photo below.
IMPORTANT POINT - The Tie on Labels which you write yourself will be placed on the wall next to your painting. Therefore please write these neatly in block capitals with black ink, for consistency throughout the exhibition.

DON'T WORRY if you have difficulty with any of this - we are here to help.

A4 Posters are now available and hopefully you have collected some from the previous Demonstration Evenings. Please display them where you can. If you need more please contact Jo or Vivienne.

Annual Exhibition Poster - 2017

Exhibition Schedule Page 1

Exhibition Schedule Page 2


Labelling of Pictures and Cards