AGM Minutes and Reports

Minutes of the 2016 AGM held on Friday 14th October in the Methodist Church Hall Ely

No minutes from last year. Sue Street Viv Tweed, Janet Hathiramani sent apologies re absence
Chairman's report read by Chairman Gary Davis
Other reports read by Jo Scarff re Demos Exhibition and Treasurer

Appointments to committee
Gary Davis Chairman seconded by Graham Tory agreed by all members present
Treasurer Alison Durkin seconded by Graham Wright and Shirley Wright agreed by all members present
Demo Secretary Sue Street seconded by Thelma Castle
Agreed by all members present
Exhibition Secretary Jo Scarff seconded by Gary Davis
Ann Biggs to form a group of helpers to organise the exhibition
Secretary Joy Childs seconded by Gary Davis agreed by all members present
Membership Secretary Gary Davis agreed by all members present
Publicity and Events committee member still needed, please contact the Chairman Gary Davis if you can fill this role.
We agreed that we could all advertise EAS as we saw the opportunity arise, by inviting friends or using free ads offered in some local magazines.

To start from 01 October every year and to be £30.00 per year agreed by all present.

Exhibition 2017
£15.00 Entry fee £5.00 to enter cards. Plus 20% of all sales to EAS.
The venue to be The Hayward Theatre dates to be confirmed after January 2017 with them.
Ann Biggs and team will confirm new rules for exhibition as soon as possible. Hopefully this will make exhibition fair for all entrants.

Bob Wells requested that members send pictures of recent work to display. He reminded all members present to let him know if they wanted him to put anything on the website. We all agreed that the website is excellent.

Christmas Party
Members agreed that we would all bring some food to share.
The Chairman suggested that we could bring suitable items that we wish to sell. Graham Tory suggested that we bring our sketch books along. We also have SAA competition to paint half a postcard each that we can do. This will be photographed to make cover of next years programme of demos.

Thank yous
To Bob Wells for his continuing work on the EAS website
Stephanie Robertson thanked the committee for all their work, followed by applause by all present.
Thank you to Graham Wright for auditing this years account.
Gary thanked all members who attended the AGM and had given their support over the last year.

Josephine Scarff

Report on EAS Exhibition 2016 – Hayward Theatre

Apologies from Sue Street and Viv Tweed, Janet Hathirimani who cannot attend the meeting
We had a very successful exhibition this year. I eventually managed to book the hall after numerous phone calls and emails. We made a small profit which will go towards the running costs of the EAS. The entry fees collected only covered about a third of the cost of the exhibition and we were then reliant on selling enough paintings and cards to cover the rest. You will be pleased to hear that I eventually managed to deliver the paintings to the mystery lady who rode off on her bicycle. She was very impressed with the quality and standard of the exhibition, and plans to spend more next year.
I was a little disappointed that I had even fewer entries than last year when everyone had specifically asked for the Hayward Theatre. As you know we were unable to use it the previous year as they had refurbishments to do and now have lovely toilets to use. Seems that the hall itself was exactly the same. I phoned as many members as I could to remind them to enter and held the closing date to the very last minute just in case. I was extremely pleased however at the amount of help which I received on the hand in day and throughout the exhibition, thank you everyone for that.
Ann Biggs will organise for a team of helpers to put the exhibition together next year, if we are allowed to use the Hayward Theatre again. She has some good ideas to make the exhibition layout fairer for the entrants and it may be that you are allocated a certain space that your paintings can take up. We were a bit lax with the rules once again as we had so few artists and we needed to sell a lot to cover the costs.
I am proposing that the entry fees for paintings should be 15.00 and 5.00 for card entries plus the 20% commission. I feel that this is still a reasonable entry fee and selling artists will still have value from their work. We would then know at the start that the costs were covered before start the exhibition.

Unfortunately Sue Street was unable to attend the meeting tonight, but I think you will agree that she has done an excellent job arranging the demonstrations and making the tea!! She took this role over from me last year as I felt I could not cope with it as well as organising the exhibition. So some of the demos up to date were ones that I organised, we have shared the task of contacting the artist to make sure they could come. I think I can safely say that we have had a good year and some excellent artists. Sue has also taken care of organising the production of the new programme. Sue has more excellent artists for you in the next programme, which can be found on our website. We have accounted for the cost of the demonstrations and it will be possible to pay for these providing we have at least 70 members paying the new fee for membership of 30.00 per year.

You will all be aware by now that Janet Hathirimani felt she was unable to continue as treasurer. I have been banking the money for EAS and keeping a record of the amount of money that is in the current account. I also arranged to transfer 1000.00 from Scottish Widows savings as a buffer for the exhibition, we still need to pay for the hall, but I have not received an invoice from Kings School yet. Fortunately we did not need to use this and the exhibition proved to be self funding. It has been a very tight year money wise, and it has been touch and go whether we could afford to pay for demos, hire of the church hall and other costs. Hopefully this next year will be better financially as we all renew our memberships. Gary, and I worked out and made payments to all our exhibiting artists who were lucky and sold a few paintings. Sue, Gary and I sat down and worked out the accounts for this year but account still needs to be audited. I understand that Graham will do that for us at a later date.

Josephine Scarff